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VisualEditor: Internal page links touched by VisualEditor contain underscores
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Currently when a user uses the link dialog box tool thing in VisualEditor to specify where certain text should link to, if the user specifies an internal page as the target, the wikitext for the link will use underscores.

For example, I highlight some text in VisualEditor with my mouse and then click the link icon. A "Hyperlink" dialog box appears and I enter "MediaWiki on IRC" into the text input area. I hit the "return" key on my keyboard to make the dialog box disappear and now I have a blue link in my VisualEditor interface. If I then save this page and look at its wikitext source, I see:


Internal links are using underscores. This is wrong.

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This was an issue in VE's internal link handling code, not in Parsoid. Although the original reason for the code working the way it did (normalizing to underscores) was indeed to make Parsoid happy, as I found out the hard way when I tried to fix this by just normalizing to spaces instead.

Fixed in