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Re-enable Extension:CrossNamespaceLinks on Wikimedia wikis
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It was disabled in bug T18878 waiting for bug T17434: has to be re-enabled after bug T17434 is fixed.

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Severity: enhancement



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Is this extension still actually wanted?

Plus it doesn't exist in git (never migrated from SVN?)

Reedy changed the task status from Open to Stalled.Mar 27 2017, 11:53 PM
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Is this extension still actually wanted?

I still see editors on some wikis who go through lists of cross-namespace links to correct them, and only some of those wikis have stable facilities to produce such a list (presumably manual DB queries). So I think the feature would have its users.

The risk for controversies seems lower than with cross-namespace redirects and archived output seems to suggest that the list mostly caught potential spam.

Needs importing from SVN, cleaning up and testing on newer MW. Translations migrating to json files, then re-enabled in TranslateWiki


There is a bug in the file SpecialCrossNamespaceLinks_body.php at the line 102 with the group by.

This line is: GROUP BY page_id

After the correction: GROUP BY page_id, page_title, pl_namespace

Seemingly line 68 now. Needs testing/checking

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Nobody has imported the extension code from SVN in those eight years since this ticket was created.
Which makes me assume that nobody is interested enough in this. Boldly declining because that seems to better reflect the reality for the time being.