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Add "show my edits to this page" feature to MediaWiki
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It'd be nice to be able to have a link (or maybe even inclusion of a small collapsed list) of a user's own edits to a page when editing a page. Maybe a link from the edit screen that reads "show me my edits to this page" or something?

When editing many articles over many years, it can be difficult to know which articles you've previously touched. Sometimes you can make the same change to an article twice, not knowing that you had previously been reverted, for example. If you can see which changes you've made previously somehow, you can reduce the likelihood of duplicate effort.

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[ Adding 'performance' keyword as such query would have a cost to evaluate. ]

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 10788 ***

This bug isn't a duplicate, but an interface enhancement request to add a link to the filtered results feature in bug 10788 will provide.

[ Reopening bug as bug 10788 is a dependency. ]

["It would be nice" => severity=enhancement]

api allows this already:


(In reply to comment #5)

api allows this already:


Right. And it'll return results, even for very, very large pages. Example:'_noticeboard/Incidents&rvlimit=10&rvprop=user%7Ctimestamp%7Ccomment&rvuser=MZMcBride

The question becomes whether, without the appropriate index applied, this can be used in the GUI without things blowing up: bug 10788 comment 20. :-)