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Search does not work at all on Wikimania 2013
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Search suggest does not work on Wikimania 2013, nothing is being suggested.

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Not just search suggestions, all search. Ops ticket created at

Max: Seriously, if you want people to reproduce bug reports then also provide good steps to reproduce.

"Search doesn't work" is a pretty clear explanation. To make it even clearer, I've added "completely" to description:) The RT ticket contains all the information needed for an operations engineer to reproduce.

  1. Turn on your computer and monitor. You have to plug them in the outlet first and ensure, that the power is present. If you don't know if the power is in, try to plug any lamp and turn it on, then you'll see.
  2. Wait for your system to boot. If it doesn't, contact your tech support.
  3. Select your favourite internet browser and run it. If you don't know what is internet browser, consult your paper encyclopedia.
  4. In browser address line, type If you don't know, what is address line, consult the built-in help (typically by pressing F1 key on your keyboard).
  5. Wait for the page to load. If it doesn't, contact your Internet service provider.
  6. Type "Main page" in the search box. If you can't find search box, visit your ophthalmologist.
  7. While typing, the box under should pop up and show the Main page (and possibly other lines) partially or fully highlighted. It does not though. That's what "Search suggest does not work" mean.
  8. Now type "yet" instead and hit enter. The search results page won't contain any result although several pages with such words in them exist. That's what "Search does not work" mean.
  9. Go have some rest after this hard intelectual work.

Step 4 would have been enough, as that's all I asked for. For future reference you can read

This sounds a lot like Bug 25682.

Closing, search on "Wikimedia > lucene-search-2" known to work.