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Make table of contents numbering scheme and style localisable
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I just helped a fellow from Bulgaria in MediaWiki-General, he informed me that Bulgarian (and German, etc.) require periods after a section number in a table of contents. Whether that's a hard requirement or not, it should be relatively simple to handle. Maybe it would be good to have an option for this (maybe using CSS :after and content), and enable it by default for de and bg.

Version: 1.21.x
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Changing the summary because I read this bug two days ago and I had already forgotten the meaning of the summary.

While I'm at it, IMHO this is a valid feature request, but to assess its priority it would be nice to have some source for the statement that this is really a universal requirement for those languages.
For instance, Italy's typographically strictest publisher (Einaudi) uses the periods but the most famous style manual (Lesina) doesn't; and we usually see German users asking for roman numbers rather than periods: so personally I'm not so sure there's a universal/real rule that we're currently breaking.

ve4ernik wrote:

I don't know about German, but it applies to Bulgarian according to the ortographic dictionary of the Bulgarian language (2002). The dots should also be placed after subsection numbers, not just after section numbers.


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