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special:mapsources on Wikivoyage fails with "Map sources mechanism not working yet"
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Author: carlb613

This extension used to work but seems to have been down for at least the last day or so. Any attempt to display a map gives "Map sources mechanism not working yet".

The globe icon on the upper-right corner of the page still works because it uses GeoHack on the toolserver, not [[voy:special:mapsources]], but the mapsources extension is no longer usable.

Version: master
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Cannot see recent relevant commits in the extension codebase at,n,z and as you say that it worked before, I'm moving this report to "Wikimedia" product as it might be a server configuration issue instead.

That error string doesn't appear in our extension repository. So i've no idea where that's from.

The only google results link back here

Moving back to extension component for further analysis of this behavior per comment 2.

carlb613 wrote:

[[voy:ru:special:mapsources]] gives Источники карт:

Error messages

  • No project page Источники карт available

fr: and de: work

en: fails as described earlier

carlb613 wrote:

The error message displayed on en: is the text of [[voy:Wikivoyage:Map sources]], a page created 22:49, 10 January 2013‎. Would deleting this page help, or would it just cause the same errors which are occurring on ru: ?

carlb613 wrote:

Just tried stealing [[voy:fr:Wikivoyage:Sources_de_cartes]] (which works) and using it as [[voy:Wikivoyage:Map_sources]]. It fixes this problem for en:

On ru: the same fix [[voy:ru:Wikivoyage:Источники_карт]] is semi-functional (the map box is left-aligned as the site CSS differs, and the text needs translation).

carlb613 wrote:

The base name for the project page is taken from [[voy:MediaWiki:Mapsources]] which currently reads "Map sources".

The project page on en: had been [[voy:Wikivoyage:Map Sources]] with a capital 'S' and the (outdated) link to the Wikivoyage "tech" wiki on the [[mw:extension:MapSources]] documentation page also has this as "Map Sources".

Is there any chance the defaults for this message were changed in the code?