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Change $wgUploadNavigationUrl for en.wikivoyage
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Per, please set $wgUploadNavigationUrl for en.wikivoyage to "Wikivoyage:Upload file".

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal



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It looks like you've only discussed this with one person...

There is broad support for allowing greater control over where to point users for image uploads as outlined in this bug report. I'm a bureaucrat on en.wikivoyage, and it has been discussed many, many times in the past (for two examples: and At the moment we have to use a huge red warning box on to say "Don't upload files here" and have changed the link text on the left nav "upload" link to something that is meant to discourage users from using it, so this bug report was meant to allow us to make things more user-friendly.

We can get a larger "support" list on a specific discussion if that is needed (let us know), but hopefully the pointers to the kludges currently in place, and the existing discussions, will be enough to warrant getting this changed.

Merged and deployed by Reedy.