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Default edit summary drop-down behavior
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Author: redepistaxis

I've started using the drop-down boxes which contain default edit summaries. However, I don't believe the behavior of the drop-downs is intuitive. When selecting one of the summaries from the drop-down, this should REPLACE what is currently in the edit summary field, not APPEND to it.

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Hi Scott,
thanks for taking the time to report this!
Could you provide steps to reproduce and see the problem please?

I don't see a drop-down edit summary system... What are you talking about?

redepistaxis wrote:

After some looking around, I now realize that this is not default behavior and at some point I turned it on under Preferences / Gadgets / Editing / 'Add two new dropdown boxes below the edit summary box with some useful default summaries'

So, as it is a 'gadget', this is probably not even appropriate to post here. Sorry!

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No-one's going to see this issue if it's filed here. It's in completely the wrong project, for starters.

I'm tempted to close "Declined" and say to take the discussion to, but in view of T85433 I'll leave it open.

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If the dropdown item replaces what's currently in the edit summary box, that wipes out the automatically generated section headings. I think that's a useful thing to include, and that may be why the gadget appends the new summary rather than replaces.

Before taking this on, we should find out whether other people who use the gadget would agree with the change.

Assessment for prioritization:

Support: Low (no evidence that other users agree with the initial request)
Feasibility: High
Impact: Low
Risk: Medium (not sure if this will confuse or frustrate existing users)

I recommend declining this task unless more community support for it is demonstrated.

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