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Broken HTML showing up in block log on [[Special:CentralAuth]]: templates are parsed
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I was doing more indepth testing of bug 45412 and figured out that if you block indefinitely, the log entry is rendered normally, but if you set an expiry (like I did at [[Special:CentralAuth/Legosock]]) any links and templates show up as broken HTML, with a link to the users local block log.

If you include a template, like [[Template:blocked proxy]], it renders it, and then shows a lot more broken html.

Ideally both block lengths should have the same behavior, linking to the local block log.

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Clarifying: When using a template as a block reason, and blocking an account indefinitely, the template is parsing into the [[Special:CentralAuth]] page for the account.

Desired behaviour is that the template does not parse, and the CentralAuth block reason should simply show the block reason encased in the template markup (e.g., it should "read" as {{schoolblock}}). The content of the template is not relevant in any way to CentralAuth, only to the blocked user.

Examples of problem: and

Just for those who are unaware: The 'not parsing' is the norm for how block reasons appear in, for example, the block lost ( ) including the block reason shown on the contributions page etc (hence why it is the expected way to be shown on centralAuth... and I SWEAR was how it was shown before...)

It looks like the fix for T47412, I7e8109ea, fixes this as well. It's already fixed on group0, and it arrives at group1 and group2 next week.

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