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Notification preferences update (tooltips for notification categories)
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We like the short labels used to select notification categories, but think that users may not understand what they mean. To that end, we discussed:
• add a question mark next to each category
• show a flyout when you hover over the question marks (with a sentence or two explaining what it means)
• keep short labels, using nouns rather than verbs (e.g. 'page links' instead of 'linked', or 'edit reverts' instead of 'reverted')

This is high priority, based on our discussion. However, Kaldari points out that this will also require some core hacking so could delay things a bit.

The current notifications preferences page can be viewed here on MediaWiki:

Its current feature requirements are outlined here, and will be updated based
on our discussions:

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The feature requirements have been updated based on our recent discussion with Kaldari and Vibha:

This update includes proposed help tips for each notification category.

Consider using plural for the notification labels (e.g. mentions instead of mention), to make it clear that this would affect all notifications in that category. This also matches the current wording of the section title, which also uses plural ('Notify me about these events').

I think it is highly urgent that *some* kind of information about this new feature be presented to the user. While tool-tips might be the best way to do it, if it will take a week, I feel strongly that something should be done in the interim.

When the end user is presented with a major new feature, *and* when familiar functionality like the orange bar disappears, thousands of people will wonder why. As it currently stands, there is no path to learning what is going on. I think we want users to feel empowered and welcomed on Wikipedia; depriving them of vital information about how the site works is a major problem.

I suggest that until tooltips can be implemented, a short sentence be added to the relevant Preferences screen, with a link here:

Thanks, Pete, your point is well taken.

Since implementing question marks and flyouts for every notification on the preferences page is likely to take some time, due to technical limitations, we'd like to propose this temporary solution:

Add a 'Learn more' link below the 'Notify me about these events' -- or below the list of possible notifications.

This would link to this FAQ page:

Kaldari says that only a text link is possible at this time, not an icon.

We may be able to implement icons next week, but not this week.

I am making this a highest priority for now, in the hope that we can make that fix today and deploy tomorrow.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I22c420ff31e8b54ea306effedac42e029d29250e)

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I9670ecdc2cb553df07ee06e3b83b003382471d27)

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Related URL: (Gerrit Change I9670ecdc2cb553df07ee06e3b83b003382471d27)

The five patches listed in this bug report have all been merged.

Could somebody outline what exactly is left to do in order to get this bug report fixed?