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Project & File namespaces renaming for udm.wikipedia
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Please rename $wgSitename and two namespaces at the Udmurt Wikipedia (

  1. Project namespace should be renamed from "Wikipedia" to "Википедия"

Also need rename $wgSitename variable by these same way.

This follows by using cyrillic alphabet; see also project's logo - .

Target settings should be:
'Википедия' => NS_PROJECT,
'Википедия_сярысь_вераськон' => NS_PROJECT_TALK,

  1. File namespace should be renamed from "Суред" to "Файл" ("Суред" means "Image").

Target settings should be:
'Файл' => NS_FILE,
'Файл_сярысь_вераськон' => NS_FILE_TALK,

Related change at the are completed:

Community was informed about this request; off-wiki consensus are exist:

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: enhancement



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PS: Please also keeping old names as aliaces:

$wgNamespaceAliases =


'Wikipedia' => NS_PROJECT,
'Wikipedia_сярысь_вераськон' => NS_PROJECT_TALK,
'Суред' => NS_FILE,
'Суред_сярысь_вераськон' => NS_FILE_TALK,


No objection ;) Please, do it!

Related URL: (Gerrit Change Id5b0b82839392dfd9ae51119e2ab2d51b13938e3) (Gerrit Change Id5b0b82839392dfd9ae51119e2ab2d51b13938e3) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Reedy]

The request is now partially done—you only need to wait until the translations provided in Translatewiki are migrated into the core repository (I have no idea how long it make take, though).

Was affected successfully:

  1. {{SITENAME}}

_Not_ affected:

  2. NS_FILE

Okay, NS_FILE and NS_FILE_TALK should be changed through TranslateWiki (I am initiating this case). But adding namespace aliaces (see Comment #1) should be doing by this bug.

Also NS_PROJECT was not be changed (see

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I7e09fb8d2ff72e20b9d0bae45e51cf3c78981222)

Sorry, I shouldn't have missed that :-/

Hmm, but

'Wikipedia' => NS_PROJECT,

was still not be added into aliaces for udmwiki. Why?

Also 'Суред' and 'Суред_сярысь_вераськон' is current names, but after exporting actual language file these should be keeping as aliases. Maybe add their preliminarily?

That's because 'Wikipedia' is added as an alias for NS_PROJECT for all Wikipedia projects:

'wgNamespaceAliases' => array(
  // defaults to aid when things are switched
  '+wikipedia' => array( 'Wikipedia' => NS_PROJECT ),

As far as I am told, the former names for the NS_FILE and NS_FILE_TALK namespaces will be added as aliases by Translatewiki staff when they update the MessagesUdm.php file. Don't worry. (Gerrit Change I7e09fb8d2ff72e20b9d0bae45e51cf3c78981222) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by Reedy]

Marking resolved. Remaining "work" is on translatewiki. Might need to poke Siebrand/Raymond to make sure they get exported

NS_PROJECT was renamed succesfully.