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Improvement of glossary tools
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Author: eu.vlasenko

Presently there are two extensions for handling glossaries in MediaWiki: Lingo and Semantic Glossary. Lingo searches each viewed wiki page for the occurrence of the terms defined in the glossary and - when hovered over with the mouse - shows a tooltip with the respective definition. It uses a dedicated wiki page to store the terms and definitions of the glossary. Semantic Glossary is an extension to Lingo that uses semantic data stored in a Semantic MediaWiki store instead of Lingo's dedicated wiki page.

Removing bugs and improving the functionality of Lingo and Semantic Glossary should be done.

The key deliverables:

1.Support for multiple definitions per term
2.Support for inflection
3.Customizing the tooltip by using a template
4.Ability to turn off the recognition of glossary terms in certain places
5.Context support (for Semantic Glossary)
6.Integration with FlaggedRevs/ApprovedRevs

Version: master
Severity: enhancement



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eu.vlasenko wrote:

It is an idea of my (Yevheniy Vlasenko) GSoC 2013 proposal that can be found at

GSoC "soft pencils down" date was yesterday and all coding must stop on 23 September. Has this project been completed?

eu.vlasenko wrote:

Hi, almost. Writing tests and docu currently

Yuri, Stephan, can you verify that this report has been resolved, please?

I guess is the page summarizing what has been done?

Zhenya, did you write a wrap-up post?

Reopening so that we don't lose this: is interested in glossary/terminology/dictionary tools and uses SMW, so if there's something usable we'd love to hear about it.

Unknown Object (User) added a comment.Aug 6 2014, 5:06 PM

Not sure why this is still open (or was re-opened in the first place) but [0] has all necessary information that relates to SMW and glossary functionality.

SG (Semantic Glossary) 1.1.0 will come with SMW 2.0 support [1].