VisualEditor: sizing of footnote tags (e.g. [12]) inconsistent.
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See - for example, references 24 and 25 under the section "2012 season: Super Bowl MVP". It looks like one of them is using Template:R, which may explain the problem, but I'm not sure if the icon not rendering properly is a template problem or a VE problem.

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bzimport set Reference to bz50095.

From that article, references 25 and 26 (from {{r}} and <ref> respectively) generate:

{{r}} ->

<span about="#mwt97" class="reference" data-mw="…" rel="dc:references" typeof="mw:Transclusion mw:Extension/ref" data-parsoid="…">[25]</a></span>

<ref> ->

<span about="#mwt99" class="reference" data-mw="…" id="…" rel="dc:references" typeof="mw:Extension/ref" data-parsoid="…"><a href="…">[26]</a></span>

Is this just because the CSS isn't being applied when it's "mw:Transclusion mw:Extension/ref" as opposed to just "mw:Extension/ref"?

Also in sourced to the sfn template, it looks like.

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