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VisualEditor: Double-clicking on a node (image/template/reference/…) should open its dialog
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Especially for templates, having a faster way to open the inspector would be very helpful. Right now in the case of a large template, you have to first select the template, then mouse over to the puzzle piece location and click it. Just double-clicking/tapping the template seems like a straightforward and discoverable gesture.

For links and other nodes it may be less important, but what would be the disadvantages for just making open-on-double-click the default behavior for all nodes that have a primary inspector of some kind?

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I think this would work best for nodes (i.e., things that have a dialog) and not for annotations (i.e., things that are either toggled like bold or superscript, or have only an inspector link links or language).

This would be a lot simpler from a UX perspective (consistency of action and explainability), and the change overall is a good quick affordance win.

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Sherry and I would really second Erik's suggestion.
We just had feedback from a user who was clueless about what to do with "a blue rectangle with a jigsaw icon".

Change 84461 had a related patch set uploaded by Krinkle:
WIP: Create ve.ce.ClickableNode mixin.

Change 103062 had a related patch set uploaded by Robmoen:
Create mixin for node that responds to node click events

Change 84461 abandoned by Robmoen:
WIP: Create ve.ce.ClickableNode mixin


Change 103062 merged by jenkins-bot:
Create mixin that tries to execute primary node command