Allow wikitext e.g. links to documentation in templatedata
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When trying to describe complex template parameters there is a need to be able to link to a specific documentation page. For instance in in the Taxobox there is a need to link to the main doc page
as there are lots of subtitles in using the template.

Further there is also a need for links in some of the individual parameter.
For the "name" parameter the description currently reads

For plants, see [[Wikipedia:Naming conventions (flora)]]. For all other living things, the name should be the most common vernacular name, when one is in widespread use, and a scientific name otherwise.

as the precise policy on whether plants should be given common or latin names is quite involved. There other places where there is a need to provide links to further information: [[Wikipedia:Conservation status]], [[APG III system]] of classification of flowering plants, [[virus classification]], [[Template:Species list]] and [[Template:Taxon list]] for some sub templates used.

Good documentation requires sufficient detail, more than can be provided in one line.

I've a few thoughts on how this could be implements, the whole template could have a "documentation": "Template:Taxobox/doc". You could allow wikilinks inside the "description" or provide an optional "link" parameter.

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At [] there is a related request to allow wikitext generally in Template Data documentation.

The specific request for the example given there is the <code> tag to all better distinguishing of '' (two apostrophes for italic markup) and " (double quote) by rendering them in a monospace font.

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