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ResoureLoader: Add self-explanatory comment to load.php about ResourceLoader
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ResourceLoader's load.php is nice, but it minifies (and to an extent, obfuscates) JavaScript and CSS. This harms an open Web.

load.php comes with a debug parameter, but this isn't obvious. An HTML comment explaining load.php or pointing to more information about load.php would be good to have in the page source.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: enhancement



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Removing "easy" keyword for now until we know whether and if, what, this comment should say and point to.

Content or scripts can also contain urls to index.php and api.php, where are their parameters documented?

At least api.php has a help page when requested without any parameters. Perhaps we should point to or from load.php, as it currently only says "no modules were requested. Max made me put this here"

Expand load.php's "no modules requested" output to be friendlier

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