VisualEditor: Dragging cursor through multi-part template responds unpredictably in Firefox
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A user - Cryptic C62 - reports on English language Wikipedia:

If I click directly on a collapse box (created with {{collapse top}} and {{collapse bottom}}), the transclusion button appears and works correctly. If I highlight a collapse box by clicking and dragging my cursor through it, one of two things happens:

A: A transclusion button does not appear
B: A transclusion button does appear. Clicking on it opens a new template window, rather than editing the existing collapse box.

Occurs in Firefox v21.0, cannot replicate in Chrome v28.0

I attempted to replicate this myself and found that I sometimes got result A and sometimes a transclusion button that *did* edit the existing collapse box. I could not get his result B.

I tested it on other templates, and it did not seem that dragging through other templates ever brought up the transclusion button, but never say never. :)

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



AFAICT this is now fixed, I believe due to the changes in selection handling in Firefox. Sorry for the slow triage.

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