VisualEditor (and possibly other beta tools) need an exposed, easy-to-use on/off switch
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One of the pain points we're seeing is that disabling VisualEditor is cumbersome. Even though there's now a user preference to disable the software, going to [[Special:Preferences]] is disruptive to user workflow.

James and I discussed the possibility of adding a switch to the user interface to enable or disable VisualEditor.

This switch might be located in the personal tools section, it might be a sidebar section, or it might be elsewhere. It should be viewable from ?action=view, ?action=edit, and ?veaction=edit.

This switch might affect only VisualEditor or it might affect all "beta" features deployed to Wikimedia wikis.

This switch will be available to both logged-in users and anonymous users.

I believe this is a high priority bug to address.

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: major
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Hi MZMcBride, a desktop framework for beta testing features is already underway[1}, although it was originally envisioned for smaller experiments we can certainly think about the idea of leveraging it for larger pieces of functionality as well.


BetaFeatures is in place for this now.

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