VisualEditor: Wikitext warning not triggered by <references />, <i>, etc.
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en.wp user Fram reports:
"When I add something that VE decides needs "nowiki", it usually gives the warning "Wikitext markup detected". However, when I add <references/> to the bottom of a page, he wraps it in "nowiki"s, but no warning appears (while it does work with e.g. {{reflist}})"

My testing at shows that <i> and <small> also get nowikied without triggering the warning.

<!-- --> neither triggers the warning nor gets nowikied. I am about to start a discussion about whether that is desired or not.

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bzimport set Reference to bz53839.
Thryduulf created this task.Sep 6 2013, 9:13 AM

This is intentional; adding a complete set of wikitext detection would be very burdensome (i.e. slow VE down for users) without adding a lot of value.

People who know complex things like HTML or advanced wikitext like <references /> will quickly learn that it doesn't work; this functionality is an aide-memoire for newbies and rare users.

Marking as WONTFIX, but happy to discuss.

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