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Thumbnails from recent uploads don't render
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A number of thumbnails are missing or broken when visiting pages on Commons that have a lot of very recently uploaded files -- such as Special:NewFiles or some of the busier WLM campaign pages ( Reloading usually fixes the issue.

This seems to have been been a long standing issue, but we've not escalated it before, because it's so ephemeral. However, the new campaign features are now making this a more visible problem.

The broken thumbs show up as error 500s upon inspection in the debug console; with the response below.

This issue was reported by Erik Moeller.

<html><head><title>Error generating thumbnail</title></head>
<h1>Error generating thumbnail</h1>
Error creating thumbnail:
<!-- mw1154 -->


Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal




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Getting someone with shell access to run the actual convert command (with on mw1154 might be a good debugging step. I suspect that host is misconfigured

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