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Project-wide whitelist (for Wikivoyage)
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As per this discussion: I'm asking here if it's possible to implement in Wikivoyage a "wide-project whitelist".

The purpose is to minimize the whitelist activities that should be done in each language, because if I have to insert a website link of a suggeste hotel in the same hotel will be most likely suggested also in en:voy, de:voy, etc...
So having just one Whitelist it would allow us to save us time.

This kind of enhancement would be useful to each sister project with specific needs, because a link that is a spam for project A it would be essential for project B.

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I could see that the wikisources could do it more easily as they have a base domain with wwwWS but not so easily at the others, it would probably need to determine a lead site within each sister set.

Alternatively we might be able to munge a configuation at meta, similarly to the WWW site configurations that is done with things like

I support the approach to whole-sister whitelists, as there will always be sites that are clearly spam on one set of wikis, and clearly not on another set of wikis, and this would clearly allow a more flexible approach.