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Confusing intro app grant management text in OAuth MediaWiki extension
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When I visit [[testwiki:Special:MWOAuthManageMyGrants/manage/69]], I see:

Manage account OAuth grants

Navigation: [Accepted consumer list]

Use the form below to revoke access or change grants for an OAuth consumer to act on your behalf. A few notes:

This form controls a particular access "token", or key, that lets a consumer access your account.

If you seperately authorized a consumer to access different projects on your behalf, then you will have multiple access tokens for that consumer.

If you want to revoke access to consumer, be sure to revoke all the access tokens for all versions of that consumer you accepted.

Using "*" in the wiki field grants access to all projects on this site; using a wiki project ID limits access to a single project.

This is super-confusing. "seperately" is misspelled. The "*" trick probably shouldn't even exist (cf. bug 55714). It uses phrases such as "manage account OAuth grants" which mean nothing to anybody. &c.

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The last of this should be addressed by, which I just merged. Reopen if you have suggestions for further changes.