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Remove gadget modules from when the user disables them
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  1. Go to and disable all gadgets except one which is loaded by ResourceLoader (e.g. "ShortDiff"), then save your changes
  2. Clear you browser cache and local storage
  3. Go to and take note of the list of gadget modules in the store:
$.grep( Object.keys( ), function( m ){
    return m.indexOf( 'ext.gadget' ) !== -1; }
).join( '\n' )

In my case, this returned:

  1. Go back to and disable that gadget, and save your changes
  2. Check the list of modules in the storage again.
    • Expected result: The module of the gadget should be removed from local storage
    • Actual result: The module is still there, taking space

See Also: T66721: should not occupy all of localStorage



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