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RfC: Graph
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We need to decide on the Graph RfC.

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Daniel interested in this
Brion interested also
need to flesh out the implementation details -- I think we're basically > fine with the premise but need to kick it back for more info
Schedule later

Did a little working with Yuri on the extension at dev summit, will catch up more on the state of things shortly.

brooke added a project: Architecture.

Assigning this to myself to review and update the RfC.

@brion, the latest graph ext code has been deployed to, so you can use it directly. See demo, or the documentation

Graph is deployed, Graphoid is deployed. For now, graphoid fallback is used only by the older browsers, but I plan to start using it for anonymous user viewing as well. A proper announcement will be sent shortly. Should this issue be closed?

This should be pretty much ready to go yeah -- I'll do a quick look at status in case I have any remaining notes. :)

Removing assignment from some tasks I'm not actively working on. Volunteers welcome, I'm happy to help if pinged!

Yurik claimed this task.

Long since implemented, not relevant any more.