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BiDi: Embed links for parent pages according to content language
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Author: gangleri

I opened the request from bug 4040 as an individual bug.

Please look at the links to the "parent pages" at
[[yi:user:Gangleri/tests/TOC_and_sections]]. There the links overlap.

The links should be embeded as:
‫[[באַניצער:Gangleri]]‬ | ‫[[באַניצער:Gangleri/tests|tests]]‬

regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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gangleri wrote:

changed summary to emphasize the todo's:
new summary: BiDi: Embed links for parent pages according to content language

(In reply to comment #0)

I opened the request from bug 4040 as an individual bug.Please look at the links to

the "parent pages" at[[yi:user:Gangleri/tests/TOC_and_sections]]. There the links overlap.

If you move the mouse either on
or on
you will see that the link is "interrupted" by "tests".

I think it should be a general rule that links should be generated only by consecutive
characters only.

The links should be embeded as:‫[[באַניצער:Gangleri]]‬ | ‫[[באַניצער

:Gangleri/tests|tests]]‬regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

Please use a method which is suitable for the most browsers. We should use the same method
for all such / similar fixes. See how bug bug 3922 is implemented.
bug 3922: links are not properly rendered in a BiDi category list

*providing more testcases*

there "Gangleri" is in the middle; there are parent pages to the left and to the right of it


there you can see two overlappings according to the BiDi algorithm; move the mouse on "foo"
or "Gangleri"; what looks very odd is that between the two "|" characters located leftmost
and rightmost to "foo" there are other characters as well

gangleri wrote:

Test cases are available at
a RTL wiki mirrored at another LTR wiki

The page title at
looks like a puzzle. This is what the bidirectional algorithm does with such
mixed LTR and RTL charactes.

Thanks Rob!

gangleri wrote:

The title of
משתמש:Gangleri/bugzilla report / 04045 / a b / א ב / !
displays as
‫‏משתמש:Gangleri/bugzilla report / 04045 / a b / א ב / !‏‪

However if you know how to copy the page title from the url above you may copy
and wikify it. This is why directionality of titles should *not* be tuched.

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

We would have to change the message 'pipe-separator' from ' | ' to ' ‫|‫ ' for RTL interface and ' ‪|‪ ' for LTR interface, but the problem is how to make the message dependent on the direction of the interface.

Fix committed in,5231 .

(Thanks a million to hashar for cleaning up the Git mess that was involved in committing this simple little patch...)