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Table in fosterable position doesn't round-trip
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Tested with selser:

curl 'http://localhost:8000/mediawikiwiki/User%3AGWicke%2FTest%2FTableFoster?oldid=846340' | sed s/Foo/Fooo/g > /tmp/test.html
curl --data-urlencode "html@/tmp/test.html" -d 'oldid=846340' http://localhost:8000/mediawikiwiki/User%3AGWicke%2FTest%2FTableFoster


A possible scheme discussed on IRC is this:

  1. Give the first empty (broken-up) table a zero-width dsr, similar to fostered content. The broken-up table will always be empty as other content would first be fostered out of the table itself.
  1. Give the nested (surviving) table the full dsr width of both tables, with start/end tag widths inflated to include the outer table

The net effect should be:

  • clean round-tripping with selser when the table content is not edited (yay!)
  • stripping of the broken empty table when the table is edited

Not sure how complicated this is to implement.

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