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User account creation log missing on [[pt:Special:Log]]
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For some reason, there is no log for the account creation of the user "Suporte Acadêmico" onêmico&uselang=en
According to
this account was created on Commons, but other wikis have the appropriated "created automatically" logs, as can be seen onêmico&uselang=en

On the other hand, the API returns some information:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

  <allusers aufrom="Suporte Extrahost" />
    <u userid="1135152" name="Suporte Acadêmico" registration="2013-04-20T22:21:19Z" />


Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal



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(In reply to Umherirrender from comment #1)

Possible bug 42434

Helder: ?

Since bug 42434 was fixed on May 2013, and the account I mentioned earlier was created before that, it is possible that its missing log is just one of those which were affected by bug 42434. Can that be proved some how?

In case both bugs are about the same problem, shouldn't the affected logs be fixed retroactively before marking bug 42434 as FIXED?

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Closing as resolved with T44434, because it is impossible to find the real reason after this time.

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