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Category history should show past members
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Author: brian

When I go to a category and click the "history" link, I should be able to see both
the past text in that category (as done currently) and past subcategories.

An example of this is at the English Wikipedia's category Fundamental.

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Severity: enhancement



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That kind of information is not stored in the database, and is not likely to be added.
The membership set changes based on edits to other pages, not edits to the category, and has no
independent history of its own.

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jmfayard wrote:

Hello again,

I'm not sure that is a dupe of my Bug 5526

I know that the membership is based on edits to other independant pages and so
that it is impossible to have something like a permanent link that would show
"the 20th of september the following set of articles was in the category XXX"
and that you could revert (quite impossible because it will requires automatic
edit to a lot of categories).

What I suggest is that every category has a log attached to it. It would only
require Number_of_category additional pages to the database (my guess is that it
is just a fraction of the overall size, isn't it ?)

When an edit is made to an article that add category C1 and removes categories
C2 C3, Mediawiki would log this information in the logfile of the categories C1,
C2 and C3.

The LOG for a given category would look like this

LOG for [[:en:Category:NPOV Disputes]]

19:42, 10 April 2006 Butterflys removed "Islamophobia" (ok, the article is

fine now)

19:24, 10 April 2006 Butterflys added "Islamophobia" (the article seems to be

written by islamists)

19:20, 10 April 2006 Rhindle The Red added "9/11 conspiracy theories" (the

article is shit, see talk page)

19:19, 10 April 2006 Petros471 added "An Anarchist FAQ" (NPOV : the article

insults anarchists)


As I said in bug 5526, the fact that we manage this by hand in different
places[1] and this require a lot of work shows that this feature would be very

[1] for example in the french wikipedia

template {{NPOV}})

template {{candidate to become feature article}})

template {{candidate for deletion}}

  • ....

PS : I'm new to bugzilla, I don't know if it's right to REOPEN this bug of mine
or to leave both as resolved.

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sarmatianus wrote:

This is just my opinion as a non-dev 'pedia user, but I came here to make (or support) this request. IMHO, the two biggest categorization priorities are dynamic intersection categories and cats having a history file of which articles have been added to or deleted from the category itself. These features would prevent a large number (most?) of the AfD'd lists and probably also allow for the deletion of many which are currently not contested, but only exist so that users can track articles added/deleted.

Many thanks,
"Girolamo Savonarola" on en

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infovarius wrote:

Yes, log-file of additions/_deletions_ from category is quite desirable. May be it can be only for limited number of categories or some categories (most populated, like "persons by alphabet") should be excluded from tracking. But such tracking is very useful.

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