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Consider raising $wgMaxImageArea / $wgMaxAnimatedGifArea
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Author: mcdevitd

This is a bug report to determine whether we can raise the megapixel limit for images higher than the current 50 MP limit. This would better support high-quality archival scans and other complex media.

According to data from Tim Landscheidt (, there are currently over 20,000 files that break the megapixel limit in Wikimedia projects, which results in a thumbnail error that makes them unusable except for downloading. Roughly, raising the limit to 200 MP would fix all but the top-1000 highest-resolution images. Raising it to 100 MP would fix all but the top 5000.

I have no idea how these changes might affect site performance, though. Thoughts?

Version: wmf-deployment
Severity: normal
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It seems VipsScaler has to be applied to GIF and TIFF, first. (Already done for PNGs)

  • TIF: bug 52045
  • GIF: bug 52043

It seems the limit for GIF is 12,5 MP although $wgMaxAnimatedGifArea is set to 50MP. Seems Bug 61711