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GWToolset should allow to use custom templates
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I understand the design choice to whitelist a specific list of common templates (Artwork, Photograph, etc.), but advanced users have valid use cases for using a custom template.

The most important one in my eyes is the use of ingestion templates, as they allow easily to do super-advanced formatting & metadata ingestion in plain wikitext − a method very popular with batch uploaders at the moment.

I realise this sort of defeats one of the purposes of the GWToolset − to map metadata − but it is very frustrating not being able to use the full power of wikitext for mapping.

(See for an example of such a template)

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I will second this one GWToolset produces file description pages which are not up to current standards. For example when a institution uses metadata fields which are missing in one of the standard templates, the current approach is to add fields via the use of . A better solution, especially for large batches, is to customize one of the existing infobox templates and create new batch specific infobox template matching the provided metadata. See for example for several examples. That approach is not currently possible.

Change 133684 merged by jenkins-bot:
Allow for custom templates

the patch has been deployed to production. are you okay with closing the bug now?

I made a quick test on the Beta Cluster the other day. From what I saw I’m very happy with this.

(I’ll open specific bugs for enhancement if needed ;-)

Thanks a lot Dan for the work!

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