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LanguageZh_tw.php messages are not using {{SITENAME}}
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Author: lukhnos

In installing MediaWiki with zh_TW localization, I found that the variable SITE_NAME was hard-coded as 維基百科 (Wikipedia's Chinese name)
into languages/LanguageZh_tw.php. As hard-coded data gets populated at the installation stage, this becomes an annoyance. I have
referred to LanguageDe.php and made necessary changes for this, leaving $sitesubtitle untouched (maybe it's needed to be addressed in
config too?)--the one in LanguageDe.php is also hard-coded.

The patch file can be retrieved via the URL given in this bug report, thank you for your attention.

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robchur wrote:

Please use the attachments feature to upload a unified diff against CVS HEAD.

lukhnos wrote:

A proposed patch for LanguageZh_tw.php (diff aginst cvs head)

Please note that since last time I reported to you this problem, I have also
found a number of phrases in LanguageZh_tw.php that does not follow the usage
in the Mandarin Chinese used in Taiwan. I have performed global changes to
these terms and have asked for collaboration and review from people including
hlb (, who is leading the translation and revision
plan of the Traditional Chinese version of the W3C Glossary and Jedi Lin
(, renown for his localization work on many web
applications, notable Moveable Type. It is true that this will not be the final
version and lots more need to be done, especially review. One thing for sure is
that a simple Simplified-to-Traditional Chinese conversion of language file is
not enough. Cheers.


for proposing of these changes, I've created a project page that includes the
User Interface Translation.

I hope this will be the more collaborate way to translate the user interface for

lukhnos wrote:

I agree with Shinjiman's idea that there should be a more flexible way for collaboration. At the time I was making this
revision for Traditional Chinese, I didn't realize that the code layout for the langauge files has been changed in the current
CVS head. I (now we, along with a number of friends who got interested in making the MediaWiki language variant system
work) will have to track the changes and merge the works from both what's available already on Wikipedia and the feedbacks
of other MediaWiki users (note).

Note: Although I understand that all the localization efforts mainly serve Wikipedia, I'll say the number of users of MediaWiki
are also growing. They may have different set of needs in terms of language files when they deploy MediaWiki. For example,
we use them in and we do have customized it a bit so that the language files (not submitted in this
ticket) reflect our glossary needs.

As far as I know, {{SITENAME}} issues are corrected. Closing.