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On-article caption should be visible without scrolling when browsing images with MultimediaViewer
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(Bug report coming from the French-language Wikipedia.)

MultimediaViewer allows to browse through all images from, say, a Wikipedia article.

When doing so, the only information displayed without scrolling down are the file title (often cryptic or unhelpful), author and license − nothing which would help at a glance to understand the relevance of the image to the article.

Users feel this hinders the usefulness of the browse feature (and of all MMV) from an encyclopedic perspective.

These users recommend that the caption used in the article, which is displayed under the scroll, should be visible right away.

I guess this would be challenging UI-wise as said caption can be super-long.

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I believe this is fixed in the latest (or older) iteration of MediaViewer, deployed on Wikimedia sites.

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