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Move AdminLinks link out of personal tools
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Special:AdminLinks has nothing to do with [[mw:Personal tools]], it's only a subset of [[Special:SpecialPages]] and specifically the bolded items of SpecialPages.

Personally I'm bothered by it on, so I should probably ask the extension uninstalled there, while a request to move it to toolbox would probably be rejected as moving those links out of it seems to be the main purpose of the extension.

However, the extension page says «a link to "AdminLinks" in administrators' personal tools, which makes things more convenient». I propose to find a place which is "more convenient" without being wrong.

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I should first note that it's not actually just a subset of Special:SpecialPages - there are some non-special-page links in there, like "Edit sidebar", as well as some links to external documentation, depending on which other extensions you have installed.

Anyway, it's true that "Admin links" doesn't relate to the user directly, unlike the default links contained in the "Personal tools" section... although on the other hand, it's a "personal tool" in that it's meant to be personally helpful to admins, functioning as a sort of dashboard. So maybe it depends on what is meant by "personal tools" here.

If you can think of a better location for the link, though, I'd be happy to consider it.

Yes, this is definitely not high priority, especially as it only affects administrators. It's just a reminder.

(In reply to Yaron Koren from comment #1)

If you can think of a better location for the link, though, I'd be happy to
consider it.

Indeed I don't have proposals... MediaWiki core skins seem to lack a meaningful area where to add new actions/interface links.

It would be nice to experiment with some ideas that have been floating around for other items of toolbox and personal tools, like a) moving it to Vector's dropdown (cf. bug 44594) or b) to Vector's left tabs (cf. ) or c) some other tooltip à la bug 38863 comment 1.
Options b) and c) are very unlikely, while a) could perhaps make some sense ("move", "delete" etc. are there); but all of them were designed for actions on the current page. skin moves the toolbox to a dropdown of the top bar; I heard of some devs who like that.

Yes, I know, I only threw random ideas. Sorry.

Moving this to the toolbox section of the sidebar is the only other approach I currently can think of. For Monobook and Vector I myself still tend to prefer having it in personal tools.

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