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GWT duplicates
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GWT should prevent the upload of duplicates.

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What would be *great* would be if the GWT were to skip duplicates but complete the requested run, and then report back on SHA-1 duplicates, possibly supplying an xml exceptions file (of <records>) with only the duplicates in it, and preferably with the filename of the duplicated file(s) found in an extra field.

If the user then had the option of setting a flag to force the creation of duplicates at that point, using the xml exceptions file, at least they would be wholly responsible for their actions, could add a "(duplicate check needed)" backlog category as appropriate, and should expect to deal with the duplicates themselves, rather than putting this on other random volunteers.

Change 132751 had a related patch set uploaded by Siebrand:
Don’t allow upload of duplicate mediafiles

Change 132751 had a related patch set uploaded by Siebrand:
Don’t allow upload of duplicate mediafiles

Created attachment 15350
test metadataset


steps to reproduce

notice current item

  1. notice how many mediafiles are present for this item and take note as to whether or not they are the same:


  2. once logged in and at Step 1: Metadata detection

step 1

  1. nothing to add
  2. select Artwork
  3. GWToolset:Metadata Mappings/Dan-nl/Rijksmuseum.json
  4. nothing to add
  5. choose the attached “test metadataset”
  6. click Submit

step 2

  1. check “Re-upload media from URL”
  2. click the "Preview batch" button

step 3

click the “Process batch” button

note the item change

  1. there should be yet another copy of the same mediafile

steinsplitter, this has been deployed to production. are you okay with marking it as resolved fixed?

steinsplitter, a patch has been deployed to production that addresses this issue. are you okay with closing this bug now?

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