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Insert cropped image from Scan
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Author: arjunaraoc

There are two options for digitizing books that have illustrations,
a) Extract individual illustrations and upload to Commons. Then embed them in page.

b) Use Template:Css image crop ( to embed the portion of scan containing the illustration. This requires storing the entire scan as an image on the computer, then using an image editor to display the image, and note the starting coordinates of the required portion and the desired extents from a bounding box containing the illustraion.


Unfortunately, this is also tedious. Even after this, the desired portion is being cropped further on the right edge, requiring manual editing of coordinates/width/height parameter.

Providing insert cropped image button as part of Proofread tools, will simplify the process, as the scan can be presented and the necessary parameters captured from the "crop" operation by the user.

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User script (works, but may need lot of changes) available.
Please use. in your common.js and common.css files.

Then you will see an additional button( while editing page name space, with which you can select the portion from the scan to embed in the page.

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