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Code review metrics should not include [WIP] changesets
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In a similar way that we removed -1 changesets, we should also remove those containing WIP in the summary, since they are not intended to be resolved under the same time pressure.,n,z

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Ok, filter included in:

All review_time_pending_* metrics now don't include this reviews.

I just realized that #11 WikimediaEvents "Waiting for review" at is marking 3 changesets for August. However, it should count 1 because the other 2 have "WIP" in the subject:,n,z

Meanwhile, "Waiting for review" at shows zero, which might mean that the WIP changesets are discarded, although zero is not correct either (should be 1)

The calculation of time at "Most recent uploads" is correct, though (151 days in August, when the last upload of the one valid changeset was made in April 1st).

Linking this report with Bug 70278 because there we are discussing mismatches counting changesets in relation to this metric.

In case it's useful, now apps/android/commons made it to the top of the list, but it has only two WIP open changesets:,n,z

Same with #2 Parsoid,n,z

Quim, WIP reviews are now filtered.

And as expected, the two repos above don't appear anymore.

I've checked the top 10 and everything was perfect. Thank you!