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Improve Error handling: api-error-unknownerror
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screenshot 1

Error handling should be improved, such error outputs are not helpful for users:

(screenshots by Nicolas_Raoul via IRC)

Version: master
Severity: major




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screenshot 2


Ask me any details, though I guess you can reproduce it easily.

Overly frequent breakage has been persistent issue which has hampered the upload process for nearly two years now. It's frustrating enough for seasoned users, and I can only imagine the grievances it causes for newbies (*especially* those on slower internet connections and/or those with bandwidth/data caps).

This could possibly be related to bug 36587, which, AFAIK still results in failures when upload speed is throttled to < 1mpbs second.

How do you even get to the upload. (I thought file names including a '/' are not allowed)

See screenshot 2.
Anything seems to be allowed as a title.

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screenshot 3

Attached is a screenshot taken in my universe.


@nicolas, what kind of browser and version of the browser do you have ?

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no name checking


Default Firefox 29.0 on fully-updated Ubuntu 2014.04

As seen on screenshot above, no character trigger any warning.

I can't reproduce but I think this bug is still valid. I'd guess you received one of the random "API outage errors" (503 et al. , though not sure)

If the above is correct a solution would be to retry once and/or pass a more meaningful error message?

(In reply to Marco from comment #11)
Issues I see from the screenshot 1:

  1. Looks like a missing MediaWiki message
  2. Title was not validated before submitted
  3. Title is an invalid file title (for uploading) -- can someone please +2 I260ba883548975263bb ?
  1. does not exist -- don't know whether it's still used anywhere in UploadWizard
  2. Still an issue. UploadWizard asks the TitleBlacklist and Protection for a title in the Gallery namespace, not in the file namespace

action titleblacklist
format json
tbaction create
tbtitle XN Sympetrum sanguineum w prey 658.JPG

action query
format json
iiprop url|mime|size
iiurlwidth 150
inprop protection
prop info|imageinfo
titles XN Sympetrum sanguineum w prey 658.JPG

Change 139592 had a related patch set uploaded by Rillke:
Create title in file NS and validate as such

Note that I1ed825b05ea80b41 won't solve the issue that invalid file titles (for uploading) containing slashes are not detected.

(In reply to Rainer Rillke @commons.wikimedia from comment #14)
... are not detected before finally submitting.

I can reproduce the error any time, so if there is a way to test any patch, please let me know whenever you want me to test :-)
In particular if there is a kind of "beta server" where I can test the latest development version.

(In reply to Nicolas Raoul from comment #16)

I can reproduce the error any time

Do you mean the 'api-error-unknownerror'? (I tried it with FF29 on Ubuntu1404 and I got the same response as seen in screenshot 3 [attachment 15628 ])

Created attachment 15658


@Marco: Yes, reproduced just now, see screenshot above.

Nicolas Raoul,

  1. Are you using UploadWizard at Wikimedia Commons for reproducing? If not, how does your setup look like. I.e. are you using the titleblacklist?
  2. Does the file system, the file comes from support slashes in file names: Did you change the destination title after uploading or is it the file name? If you changed the file name after uploading, what was the original name of the file?
  1. Using
  1. Filesystem name is amarok-unity-tray-icon.png but I inserted a slash in the "Title" field of the "Describe" step.

I am using the Firefox addons listed in the screenshot below.

Created attachment 15660
Firefox addons


Note: bug 67197 appears to be similar or a duplicate of this bug

  • Bug 67197 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Change 139592 merged by jenkins-bot:
Create title in file NS and validate as such

(In reply to Steinsplitter from comment #26)

The section was renamed to

and the issue mentioned there is bug 70617.

(In reply to Tisza Gergő from comment #28)

(In reply to Steinsplitter from comment #26)

The section was renamed to

and the issue mentioned there is bug 70617.

Oh, indeed. Patch merged, *closing this*.