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i18n: \u00A0 does not survive export to translatewiki
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Comparing the source message at [1] with the message in translatewiki [2] the backslash in \u00A0 has disappeared. AS a result all of the translations also displays the incorrect message.

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We're currently not doing anything with the Commons app. I've checked that we don't use any escaped Unicode characters in the Wikipedia Android app.

Does this mean that no updates are being pushed to the Android app?

If so the project should be removed from Translatewiki since any translation would be considered "wasted".

If the project is removed then a last update which replaces all u00A0 by \u00A0 in the translation files would be useful since the messages in question are corrupted in every single language apart from English.

For now, we're not focussing on the Commons App. So I'd say to make sure that people aren't doing translations for it, if we're not using them. That's just my thought. for disabling.

However, that doesn't affect this bug, which needs:

  1. verify if the source l10n file was valid,
  2. if it was, move to Translate component.

As the Mobile Apps Team is focussing on the new, native Wikipedia app, the Commons app is no longer being maintained by the Wikimedia Foundation. I am WONTFIXing all open Commons app bugs to reflect that we will not be spending time fixing them.

For the full story, see this thread on mobile-l: