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Allow comments on queries
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I wanted to mention on
that it is related to T21288 and bug T60196, but there was no way to add a comment.

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@He7d3r not sure how exactly I'll implement this, but perhaps once flow is around we can just link each Quarry query to a flow board on a wiki?

That would likely be Meta-wiki, but it would be good if (some of) the comments were displayed in the quarry page.

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True, and we could perhaps just embed them here. Depends on how flexible flow ends up being, though.

If we add comment functionality, we should also add some notification mechanism. The query author is unlikely to notice that someone has commented on their query if they don't get a ping of some sort.

Well, notifications, spam protection and moderation tools :D

yep... ugh. That's not going to be trivial.

Yup. only option is if flow is flexible enough, IMO.

So we can actually apparently create unattached (to a page) flow boards that can be used!

Just export query description and SQL to a wiki page (with a Flow talk page), subscribe query owner to it? Not too much effort and would also solve T90509: Search or filter queries by title or summary.

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