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Moving a page without redirect leaves the link blue in RecentChanges
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First log entry is blue, second is red

When moving a page, without creating a redirect, previous edits to the (now deleted) page still show up with a blue link in RecentChanges.

By contrast moving a page and creating a redirect changes the links in RC to old page so that they now include a &redirect=no.

To reproduce:

  1. Create a page
  2. Move the page without creating a redirect
  3. visit RecentChanges

(see screenshot)

Expected behaviour:
The link should become red.


Bugg_2014-08-15_12:01:18.png (79×1 px, 33 KB)



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Link to that specific example is welcome.

A specific link is not possible since you cannot link to a specific point in RecentChanges (which keeps on flowing).

Following the "To reproduce" steps should however always generate something like the attached screenshot.

Well, I was thinking of a URL. There are a few hundred wikis... :)

Ah sorry. I specifically tested this on

Tgr subscribed.

I guess the issue is RCCacheEntryFactory::buildCLink using makeKnownLink (as opposed to old-style RC using makeLink in ChangesList::getArticleLink).
makeLink can incur extra DB requests, but old RC gets away with it so it's presumably okay.