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Investigate how to prevent schema definition code from breaking
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e.g. by including a small part of DBAL in QueryEngine

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Only including a small part of DBAL in QE is feasable, though will likely result in the same complaints.

Since we do not need to actually run the code that depends on the DBAL schema stuff on WMF infrastructure, we can simply delete DBAL and things will still work fine (assuming the query code got updated per bug 71501). There are two TODOs at present:

  1. We need to be able to verify things will be fine by running the tests for the functionality we will be using. This means we need to be able to run the tests without the schema code ones. Adding "@group StoreSchema" to the relevant test methods, and running the tests with "phpunit --exclude-group StoreSchema,performance" achieves this.
  1. There is actually _some_ query code that ends up invoking code currently bound to the DBAL schema classes (the fetching of the table name). That needs to be worked around, but should be easy, esp once the tests are tagged appropriately.