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Add users_to_rename table to centralauth database
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Short description: The users_to_rename table will contain a list of users who we plan to rename in the SUL finalisation, and their "status": notified on-wiki, notified by email, and finally renamed.

Which wikis are affected: "centralauth" database.

Which tables: users_to_rename

What is the change to those tables: Creation.

Links to gerrit changes and/or other related bug reports.


  • Table to store a list of users
  • who will be renamed in the
  • glorious finalization.

CREATE TABLE /*_*/users_to_rename (

  • id utr_id int primary key auto_increment,
  • username utr_name varchar(255) binary not null,
  • wiki the user is on utr_wiki varchar(255) binary not null,
  • bitfield of a user's status
  • could be: notified via email, talk page, and finally: renamed utr_status int default 0

) /*$wgDBTableOptions*/;

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX /*i*/utr_user ON /*_*/users_to_rename (utr_name, utr_wiki);
CREATE INDEX /*i*/utr_notif ON /*_*/users_to_rename (utr_status);

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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