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Edits conflicting with a page move should follow the redirect
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When you conflict with a page move, you will be asked to merge your edits with
the redirect page. This is annoying even if you understand, what happened (3
additional clicks & reloads), and confusing for a newbie. (Possible outcomes
include overwriting the redirect, thereby creating another, different version of
the article, and writing below the redirect command, which causes all the text
to disappear.) The software should transfer you to the new page instead.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. start editing [[OLD]] as User A.
  2. login as User B in a different browser, move the page to [[NEW]].
  3. save [[OLD]] in the first browser.

edit conflict page appears, containing "#REDIRECT [[NEW]]" as actual text. After
clicking Save, text will be saved to [[OLD]].

Expected result:
Edit conflict page should contain the current text of [[NEW]]. After clicking
Save, text should be saved to [[NEW]].
If possible, there should be no edit conflict at all if there were no other
changes than the page move.

Version: 1.19.2
Severity: enhancement



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still present in 1.19. bumping priority and severity.

Not a bug but a feature request, and such a rare edge case that it's surely lowest priority.

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