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When using MS SQL Server, article links remain red after creation.
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Author: coreyog

With PHP 5.4, SQL Server 2012 SP2, just after a fresh installation.

I added a link to a not yet created Projects page on the Main page. The link is red as it should be. I click the link and create a Projects page. After saving the new page and I go back to the Main page, the old Projects link stays red. On mouse-over it says "Projects (page does not exist)" in the tooltip. Clicking the link will correctly take me to the Projects page I just created.

Version: 1.23.6
Severity: normal
OS: Windows 7
Platform: PC



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coreyog wrote:

This was setup in IIS 7.

This sounds more like a job queue error than a MSSQL server support error. Could you verify that your job queue is working correctly?

[Not that you are likely to see this as this bug is pre-phab transition so you are no longer CC'd]