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Wantedpages and namespace:0
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Author: michael


I request, that the wantedpages only show pages from the article namespace.
There is no need to show missing user-pages e.g.

Solutions: The SQL-Query gets another where-clause: .."and namespace=0"..

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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No idea why this was marked as a duplicate of T221:Booklet Design - Design a Language Engineering Booklet for Wikimania.

The suggestion that Special:WantedPages be able to ignore inbound redlinks from pages which are not in any of the $wgContentNamespaces appears valid enough; the same proposal just popped up again here:

"Beyond my knowledge on configuring Wiki, hoping someone can help with this. Would like to have a new Special Page. Basically almost the same as Special:WantedPages but just including a list and count of redlinks on mainspace article pages, not including links from user pages, talk pages or template. --Traveler100 (talk) 16:49, 27 October 2018 (UTC) "

Basically, the issue with taking redlinks on talk or project pages into account on Special:Wantedpages is that those red links may well be from discussions of why a specific page should not exist or even a deletion debate. For instance, a comment like:

: * '''Delete'''. I think the article on [[Marriage in China]] is outside our project scope. What's next, an article on [[going to the dentist in Burundi]]? We're a travel guide, not an instruction manual on [[going to the dentist in Burundi]] for crying out loud ~~~~

would be taken by [[Special:WantedPages]] as a vote for re-creating the article on Marriage in China (which existed on en.voy but was deleted) and as two votes for an article on going to the dentist in Burundi (which was pure sarcasm and not anything anyone is honestly proposing be created). Excluding non-mainspace pages like VfD and talk: from being counted as a source of redlinks on Special:WantedPages would eliminate many of the false positives where a long discussion contains red links to a title because the debate ended in the page of that name being deleted.

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