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Phabricator ignoring "A task is moved between columns on a workboard." e-mail user preference
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At I have "A task is moved between columns on a workboard." set to "Ignore".

Phabricator e-mails me:

Qgil moved this task to Need discussion on the Phabricator workboard.


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To: Qgil
Cc: [...], MZMcBride, [...]

I'm CC'd on T55387, but I'm deliberately trying to ignore the workboard changes as I don't care about them. Why am I still getting e-mails about workboard changes? This seems like a Phabricator bug.

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Just for reference, I'm not a member of the Phabricator project:

And here's the Phabricator workboard:

Worksforme... This is how I tested:

@Qgil-test is subscribed to this task, not being a member of any of the projects involved.

  1. @Qgil-test sets notifications for change of column to Ignore.
  2. Qgil moved this task to Need Discussion on the workboard. -- no notification is received.
  3. @Qgil-test sets that notification to Email.
  4. Qgil moved this task to Backlog on the workboard.
  5. @Qgil-test receives an email notification.
  6. ... Ignore
  7. Qgil moved this task to Need Discussion ... -- no notification is received.

In other words, the expected behavior.

Qgil triaged this task as Low priority.Nov 27 2014, 9:27 PM
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Resolving. Please reopen if you can reproduce the steps to trigger a notification for change of column even when you have this email preference ser to Ignore.