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create AcceptLanguageSet that is usable in DataModel
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Create AcceptLanguageSet that is usable in DataModel. AcceptLanguageSet is an unordered set of ordered lists. (One list would be enough to represent Accept-Language of browsers but in addition we need to support the case of multiple requested languages.) The unordered set represents the languages to keep. The ordered lists have as a first item the preferred language and the rest is the order of fall back languages if the previous language in the list has no content in the item to filter.

    [ "en", "first-en-fallback", "second-en-fallback", ... ],
    [ "de", "first-de-fallback", "second-de-fallback", ... ]

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I don't get this. What would it be used for?

If we need T73512 (maybe we don't as what Wikibase.git implements is enough) then we would need an argument to it that encodes the criteria for what languages to retain.