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TPG to take pass on project management guidelines for phab
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In rough priority order:

  • Clarify tasks, projects, boards/sprints
  • Define why a team might want to use Phab rather than tool X
  • Describe priority setting ettiquette
  • Elaborate on task assignment ettiquette
  • Describe closing tasks and associated ettiquette
  • Describe protection mechanisms for tasks/boards/etc

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@KLans_WMF, @ggellerman - please take a look over when you have a moment and feel free to edit. This will likely always be a work in progress.

In case this hasn't been clear previously, the point of this document is to serve as high-level best practices/how to for using Phabricator as a project management tool. While teams are of course free to leverage Phab as they see fit, there are some high-level things that we all need to agree on. This is in part because of Phabricator's flexibility - particularly since 'tasks' are at their core very generic, and sharable across multiple projects.

What's captured in the document so far is, I think, the primary stuff that we need to stay aligned around. After you've taken a pass over the document and give your blessing, we can close this task.

@Awjrichards Kristen and I made a first pass through:

We made one edit and left comments in the Discussion page.