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As a community or team member, I want to know if Media Viewer is useful or not for the majority of users, so that we can determine together whether or not to keep it enabled by default on sites where it is being challenged (e.g. English Wikipedia).

For discussion purposes, we are starting with this epic story, which will be broken down into individual stories for each task below, based on team and community feedback.

We already have separate tickets for these two features:

Acceptance Criteria

  • Each time a user clicks 'Save', log their action as either 'enabled' or 'disabled' in EventLogging , with a time-stamp and site ID, for further analysis.
  • For logged-in users ,change their preference toeither 'enabled' or 'disabled' (until they make a choice, their preference will be 'default').
  • For logged-out users ,set their Media Viewer cookie toeither 'enabled' or 'disabled'(' local settings ' may be used instead of a cookie).
  • Determine total visitors for each site, separate them between logged-in and logged-out users (either by logging enabled/disabled state on some specified event/action -- page load? thumbnail click? first site visit of the day? -- or through some other method to be recommended by the analytics team) and store this daily total.
  • Develop logged-in user dashboards , using preferences data
  • Develop logged-out user dashboards , using cookie-based EventLogging data.
  • For each user group, develop a daily percentagedashboard of'enabled' or 'disabled'users, globally and for each site (with total visitors as the denominator)
  • Consider a cumulative percentage dashboard for each site, as time allows -- or provide an easy way to collect that cumulative data without having to calculate it manually each time.
  • If feasible, also develop a combined cumulative percentage dashboard showing totals for both logged-in and logged-out users.
  • (optional) Develop daily events and percentage dashboards, showing the number of 'default' users who haven't made a selection yet, against 'enabled' and 'disabled' users.

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Mostly done; the rest is T78228.