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Interwiki language links for discussion pages
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(Forwarding a request fromèdia:La_taverna/Propostes#Interwiki_de_pàgines_de_discussió)

It would be neat to have interwiki language links in discussions pages as well.

First thought: since Wikidata knows the links for the pages, maybe a gadget or so would suffice to set those _Talk links automagically, without bothering Wikidata's database.

Second thought: oh well, but not all articles have a discussion page, so we cannot reliably link to discussion pages if we don't know whether they exist or not.

Many additional thoughts:

  • Could a gadget query those pages and see whether they exist or not? But this would be an expensive operation for a neat feature that in most cases would not be used...
  • Should that information be stored in Wikidata after all?
  • Could we just show red links for the discussions missing?
  • Could 'whatever' be a good enough first approach, considering that the benefits still would outweight the cost of sending some users to discussion pages to be created?

PS: even if this seems to be a logical request, the author of this task could not find any prior task or discussion. Links welcome!

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